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  1. North Sydney Art Prize

    Will is a finalist on the North Sydney art prize at The Coal Loader center for sustainability in Waverly. His work Foreign Connections m3 is just to the right of the main entrance. There is 115 works on exhibit in the show and well worth a look.

    Check out for details.

  2. Blacksmith Repair Day – June 16

    Interested in breathing new life into metal items of worth, combating the excesses of consumer culture and reducing waste? Do you have worn or damaged (metal) items of some intrinsic value in need of repair?

    Join skilled blacksmiths & tradesmen from the Artist Blacksmiths Association NSW (ABA NSW) who will be on hand to apply some of the practical skills that are held in the community, to restore and repair items that are broken or damaged.

    Everyone is invited to the Blacksmiths Repair day at blacksmith Will Maguire’s workshop in Elderslie, (just outside Branxton). A day long celebration of repair and a display of forged ironwork by skilled volunteer blacksmiths and proudly supported by the University of Newcastle.

    A delicious, local, seasonal lunch and refreshments will be provided by slow food hunter valley volunteers. A donation of $5 for lunch and $2 for refreshments.

    What will be repaired:

    Generally, iron or steel objects of some inherent value.

    Possible items:

    • Hand tools such as garden tools, shovels, forks, mattocks etc, hammers, axes or adzes, pry bars, spud bars etc these can have their working edge/face forged out and dressed and heat treated, bars can be straightened and re pointed, items can be welded etc.
    • Household items: re-attach saucepan handles, or repair utensils, weld or straighten frames, brackets or handles, brazing of cast iron may be possible but will depend on item.
    • Small mechanical repairs, welding, riveting, bolting together etc (not car or engine repairs)
    • Farming equipment, straighten bent parts etc see hand tools (above).
    • Decorative objects. Quality ornamental ironwork such as candle holders, recipe holders, plate racks etc.

    We have forging and fabrication facilities so will be able to forge, weld, braze, solder, grind, rivet, bend/straighten, heat treat etc. Time will be limited so unfortunately, we will not be able to take on large repairs and will be limited to 2 repairs per person.

    A small donation for each repair will be asked, with all donations going to Slow Food Hunter Valley to help educate kids on the value and source of their food.

    Please call or email in advance to discuss the suitability of your repair job. Items will be taken as they arrive and repaired based on the availability of our skilled volunteers.

    Contact: Will on 0423 289 648 or email:

    All are welcome, bring your broken item or just come for a cup of tea and a chat.

    Location: 664 Elderslie Rd Branxton 2335

    Date: June 16, 2018, 9am-4pm

  3. ANU residency prize

    Last weekend at Lake Light Sculpture Jindabyne Will’s large outdoor sculpture ‘Contrary man (large)’ was awarded the Australian National University residency award. A three week residency at the sculpture workshop of Australia’s highest ranking University. It should be a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the cleverest minds in sculpture. Big thanks to Lake light and the ANU for the offering up this opportunity.

  4. Black and White exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries

    Will is part of a group exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries in Sydney in September. The show is called Black and White and works on paper consisting of a selection of represented and selected artists with works covering a diverse cross section of mediums.

    Opening on the September 10, 2-4pm


  5. North Wagga Pontoon

    Last week we installed the North Wagga Pontoon in North Wagga

    A Pontoon rises and falls with the waves and tides yet are held in place by strong pillars that guide them. An appropriate metaphor for the North Wagga community.

    North Wagga is at times buffeted by the waters of the mighty Murrumbidgee. Causing headache and heart ache. In times of hardship the North Wagga community show strength and generosity of spirit. Sticking together, supporting each other and not shying away from hard work. A resilient and stoic people who shall not be moved.

    This sculptural seat will float on the waters of future floods yet be held in place by the strong committed pillar at its core. Weathering the storm and coming down to rest once more to support generations of smiling strong North Wagga locals.

    The engraved pictures where drawn by students of North Wagga public school and members of the North Wagga progress association.

    Design and construction of the North Wagga Pontoon was by Will Maguire.

    A Wagga Wagga city council project.

    Big thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. In particular, thanks to Alenspar steel and Helio systems both from Comma for their help fabricating the circular seat.


  6. Exhibition in Sydney March 2017

    Next month at Traffic Jam Galleries in Sydney’s Neutral Bay there will be an exhibition of forged sculpture, Journey of Expectations. It will emphasise the solitary human figure, the way we as individuals move and react with the world we live in.

    The space will be shared with Blue mountains Painter Tracy Dodds.

    Exhibition runs 2-23rd of March

    Opening: Saturday 4th March 3-5pm, all welcome.

    Traffic Jam Galleries – 41 Military Rd Neutral Bay NSW 2089


    I would love it if you went and had a look and possibly purchased a work.

    We would also be keen to hear constructive feedback.


    March is ‘Art Month’ so there is all kinds of things happening all over Sydney….get your art on.

  7. International Blacksmithing in Ypres Belgium

    The Ypres international blacksmith event happened last month where Will represented Australia as a master blacksmith. This coming together of hundreds of blacksmiths from around the world for a 6 day festival in memory of all the lives lost during WW1. for more information go to the Ypres2016 website.

    A lot of thanks must go to the Artist Blacksmith association of NSW, Gameco Artisan supplies and the many many community members who supported Will for this event.

  8. Sculptural bike rack for Kingston – ACT

    A collaboration with brother and sister Grace and Will Maguire was completed on Friday the 15 July with the unveiling of their sculptural bike rack by Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris on Kingston foreshore in Canberra. The design of the bespoke rack was completed by Grace while the making was done by Will using hot forging techniques before being hot dip galvanized and and painted.

  9. Sculpture for Tarcutta

    On the 19th of July 2016 the recently complete public sculpture for Tarcutta depicting three children joyfully doing the air horn arm pull, was unveiled by the Mayor of Wagga Rod Kendall and a class full of eager air horn arm pulling local school kids.


    Australians, particularly those in the Hunter Valley, have a unique opportunity to be part of a special First World War memorial being created in September by an international group of blacksmiths in Flanders, Belgium.

    In preparation for the event, Hunter artist blacksmith Will Maguire has organised a community forging day on May 7 at his Elderslie workshop, near Branxton, for people to make hand-forged steel poppies that will become an integral part of the proposed memorial.

    Will is to represent Australia at the Belgium event that marks the 100th anniversary of World War I. He has been invited as one of 25 master blacksmiths from around the world, to design and make one of 25 featured fence panels to surround an 11-tonne steel cenotaph that will be erected near Ypres, Belgium.

    The memorial will stand as a symbol of reconciliation and unity for future generations, commemorating all sides of the conflict – those who died as well as those who survived. The project holds extra significance for Will as his great grandfather, Roy Hamilton of Singleton, fought with the Australian Imperial Forces 34th Battalion in Flanders during the First World War.

    September’s week-long forging event will involve more than 150 blacksmiths from countries including Russia, Japan, Palestine, Ukraine, Chile, America, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe. It is being coordinated by the Belgium Guild of Blacksmiths and the British Artist Blacksmiths Association.

    As a journeyman blacksmith eight years ago, Will lived and worked in England with British smiths who are helping organise the memorial. They invited him to be Australia’s master to design a fence panel and lead a team in Belgium to build it.

    “This project is not glorifying war. It is the initiative of a group of craftspeople with an international spirit of collaboration and friendship to acknowledge a dark part of our collective history,” Will said.

    The cenotaph and surrounding memorial panels will be permanently installed adjacent to the German War Cemetery at Langemark Poekapelle, near Ypres. The simple seven metre high rectangular main structure featuring a stylised Flanders poppy will stand in a circular field of 2016 forged steel poppies that will be made all around the globe and be transported to the site. See the website for more details.

    Will wants to give the community an opportunity to contribute as many Australian-made poppies as possible.

    On May 7, at his Elderslie workshop, near Branxton, he will hold an open forging day. Everyone is welcome to come along and try their hand at making a poppy, or sponsor one to be made by an experienced blacksmith on the day. They will all be sent to Belgium for the memorial field. The forging day also aims to raise money to help with the significant cost of participating in such an event, so a donation of $30 will be asked for making or sponsoring a poppy.

    Poppy blanks are being generously supplied by the Artist Blacksmiths Association of NSW and international shipping is being coordinated by blacksmiths throughout Australia.

    To participate, or find out more, please email Will at or call him on 043289648